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Wolf Pack Formation!


As many of you know, my partner 21 years passed away September1, 2018.  Since then, our pack of 31 maltese and poodle and maltipoo pups, ranging in age from 15 to 4, are trying to adjust to our new life.  While I attend to their every attention, I am saddened that I am divided by so many, and cannot help but realize that perhaps a home where they receive 100 percent one on one full attention could perhaps be in their best interest.

They miss their human daddy, and I am overwhelmed.  Some of the pups who used to play ball, now do not.  Perhaps time will heal them also.

My heart is breaking in a million pieces to even think of any of my babies leaving...

I will be posting photos and stories of my pack in the coming days, and welcome your comments or interest.  If any of my pups interests are best served by a foster parent or home, I would be willing to consider it, but the criteria must be an exact fit.

Also, I am seeking volunteers for spring to help around the farm, and to play and cuddle the pups.

Please call me at 647-228-8645 if you would like to discuss more.

                  SWEET SADIE

Born August 7, 2013

Sadie is shy, sweet, and about 12 lbs soaking wet!  She can be a force, and recently is taking charge to become alpha female.  She leads the pack in their daily howl to hunt, but after she burns her energy (by the way her sister in New York City runs three miles a day with her human), she is a cuddly little lamb.

Sadie would be best in a home with adults, a complete lap companion. She enjoys a raw and home cooked diet.  She has no health issues.

And she loves to play fetch with a ball.

Wolf pack formation